Your Websites Needs Relevant SEO

Close up of pointer on a computer screenGoogle has selective criteria for content rankings. Keyword stuffed content will push your blog away from the front page, but long tail keywords will improve your visibility in the search engines. Writing engaging content will get your blog on the first few pages of a Google search.

What is relevant SEO? Your content should be clear and concise. Avoid keyword stuffing. Visitors to your site want to read engaging content, and too many keywords will distract readers from your message. Encourage your readers to converse in the comments section.

Make sure your blog posts are easy to skim. Many readers want to get the gist of your content without reading every word. Paragraphs should be short and concise. When a visitor clicks on your page, you only have a few seconds to catch their attention. If the content is easy to read, many readers will decide to read the full post.

Check your content for grammatical and spelling errors. Search engines give a high ranking to grammatically correct content, so you should read through your content at least twice before publishing. Too many grammar errors will drive away visitors. Some visitors might even point out the grammar mistakes in the comments section of your blog.

It is easy to write engaging content when you are inspired. Before you start typing, read similar articles on the topic you want to discuss. Your readers will let you know what topics are important to them. You can maintain your readership by addressing things important to your visitors.

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